Rates / Prices

Discover the most beautiful sites of Koh Tao with The Diver’s Boat, a French diving center on a human scale that will ensure your safety and professionalism. The Diver’s Boat has its own boat, which allows us to choose the best sites depending on the weather conditions.

Each service is carried out by an SSI guide or instructor who will be able to respond to your specific requests.

You are accompanied and your companion does not dive but wishes to spend the day on the boat with you? It’s possible !

The Diver’s Boat also offers dive trips on the boat including food and accommodation to make the most of your trip to Koh Tao. This service is provided on request for a quote.

For more information, we remain at your disposal to answer all your questions, do not hesitate to contact us with our contact form on the following link: click here

First dive experiences

Try Scuba Diving (1 dive) Koh Phangan (Chaloklum)2 200 THB
Try Scuba Diving (2 dives) Koh Phangan (Sail Rock)3 900 THB
Try Scuba Diving (1 dive exercise on the beach and 2 dives in Sail Rock)4 800 THB


Open Water 3 days (1 confided + 4 dives at Sail Rock)12 900 THB
Advanced adventurer 2 days (5 dives) 4 dives at Sail Rock and 1 at Koh Phangan11 500 THB


Refresh2 000 THB
Refresh + 1 Fun dive3 000 THB
Night Specialty6 500 THB
Deep Specialty (2 dives) in Koh Phangan Sail Rock6 500 THB
Nitrox Specialty (2 dives)6 500 THB
Nitrox Specialty (no dive)4 200 THB
Pack Deep + Nitrox Specialty (4 dives)16 000 THB
React Right (1st AID included CPR and O2) 1 day4 200 THB
Stress and Rescue (2 days / 4 dives)11 600 THB
Pack React Right / Stress and Rescue (3 days / 4 dive)14 800 THB
Navigation Specialty (2 dives)6 500 THB
Wreck Specialty (2 dives) in Koh Tao6 500 THB
Buoyancy Specialty (2 dives)3 500 THB
Search and recovery specialty (2 dives)4 500 THB
Adventure dive (Deep, Wreck, Night, etc.…)2 900 THB


1 Fun Dive in Koh Phangan1 200 THB
2 Fun Dives in Sail rock (one day)2 900 THB
2 Fun Dives in Koh Tao (one day)3 900 THB
Night dive (rental torche included)2 200 THB

Professional Training (SSI fees included)

Dive master 1 month (40 dives)37 000 THB
Dive master 2 months (60 dives)45 000 THB
Instructor 15 days80 000 THB

You find us here on Koh Phangan