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Now that you are certified with at least Open Water – let us show you and come and share with us the joy, the fascination and the incredible experience that drives us. Our skilled and professional team will ensure that you have plenty of memories and are ready for more! And you will discover all the beauties of the Gulf of Thailand.

Whether small (nudibranch) or large (whale shark, grouper, barracuda)… Koh Tao offers a wide variety of marine life. Who I’m sure will make everyone happy.

Choose between our Ultimate 4S trip to experience the best of the gulf, a trip to our famous Sail Rock, considered the best dive site in the area, or to explore the surrounding marine life of our beautiful island.

Whale shark (Requin-baleine)

4S (South West Pinnacle, Samran Pinnacle, Sail Rock & Shark Island)

Once a week, The Diver’s Boat will be taking this amazing one day 4S trip around the Gulf of Thailand to offer its fun divers the opportunity to visit the best dive sites in the Gulf in one day!

From the famous Sail Rock to the remote Samran Pinnacle and South West Pinnacle, we are the only one on Koh Tao giving you the possibility to dive those dive sites with the guarantee that you will get to enjoy them without the crowds in only one day! Finish this amazing tour with a Shark Island night dive.

map of dive sites

map of dive sites (dive sites map)


4S with The Diver’s Boat includes:

  • 2 meals (lunch and early dinner),
  • a guide,
  • diving equipment,
  • Available on the boat, tea, coffee, water and fruit….
  • Option: Night on board with breakfast (400 thb)

Price: 4500 THB

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Plongée sous-marine – Fun Diving


Want to increase your no-decompression limits, increase your safety, and reduce the required length of your surface intervals? Get Nitrox tanks on all dives for a total price of THB 5’700.

Price total: 5700 THB

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