Perfect Buoyancy

Perfect Buoyancy

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Mastering perfect buoyancy is a goal for new diver. Streamlined and graceful, a diver with good buoyancy glides through the water effortlessly. More often than not, you see your instructors glide through water, seemingly not even moving an inch. In this course, we will teach you exactly that. You will learn how to breath, when to kick and when not to kick to reach a trance-like condition underwater.

After the enlightenment, you surely will start referring scuba diving as a sport more similar to yoga, and not swimming.



The SSI Perfect Buoyancy specialty is the best way to improve your buoyancy and get the most from every dive. Buoyancy is an essential dive skill, but any diver will tell you it takes time to perfect. The Perfect Buoyancy specialty will teach you advanced buoyancy skills and techniques, so you can master your buoyancy more quickly and enjoy more relaxed dive adventures. In this fascinating program, you will also learn new skills that protect the environment and work in every diving situation. Upon completion, you will earn the SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty certification. With better buoyancy skills, you will soon be able to hover with ease and take the underwater photographs you dream of!
Minimum Age
Amount of Academic Sessions

Amount of Pool /
Confined Water Sessions
Amount of Open Water Sessions
30 m / 100 ft
Maximum Training Depth
Suggested duration (h)

Take control of your enjoyment

Here are the benefits you can expect from attending this training program:
  • Improve your body positioning for more relaxed dive adventures
  • Reduce your air consumption and increase your bottom times
  • Learn new skills that protect the environment and work in every diving situation

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